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While the area surrounding the Westphalian Sea certainly has many recreational activities to offer, the ones in and on the water are hard to beat!

If fishing is your hobby, you’ll love the pristine beauty and serenity of the Sauerland lakes.  In particular Lake Möhnesee is a veritable angler’s paradise with plentiful fish stocks and inviting fishing spots.  You are looking to learn more?  Not a problem: The local infrastructure with its many bait & tackle stores also is renowned among anglers for its tours with knowledgeable angling guides.   

Is sailing your thing?  As one of the Germany’s largest reservoirs with gusty winds, Lake Möhnesee is perfect for yachters of all stripes, be they sailing for the fun of it or competitive sportspeople.  Wind surfers love the autumn, when the brisk gales around the Möhnesee dam allow them really to pick up speed.  Stand-up paddlers and canoers, meanwhile, enjoy the calm waters around sunup and sundown.  But whichever way you choose to glide over the water, you will see outstanding panoramas and the gorgeous shoreline.  

Scuba diving is yet another way to enjoy the lake and leave behind all stressful things.  At the Taucherbucht base, divers can explore the interesting sights at the bottom of the Westphalian Sea.


Lake Möhnesee is one of Germany’s prime habitats for pike. Against beautiful natural backdrops, anglers will find many ideal fishing spots.

Sailing Adventures

If you are looking for a unique sailing area, the Westphalian Sea lying in east-west direction is the perfect place to be.

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